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Okay, before you make an accout there are a few rules :D * is kind of important rule(should follow that rule) ** is important rule(must follow that ruke) *** very important(must and better follow that rule) 

  • You must be atleast 14 years or older in order to sign-up*.
  • The admins of this site have the right to remove any account as they see fit but most likely we will NOT.
  • You are allowed only 1 account per person***. If it is found that you have more than one account, then all of your multiple accounts will be deleted except one we will leave your account with the worst stats and reset all your items to 0.
  • You get 1 account, using ANY other players account is Forbidden* you may check up on their account if they let you but if you play too often you might get your items RESET.
  • Intentional "Passing"** of hoes or cash to another player is  FORBIDDEN and  ENFORCED if any admin suspects you of "passing" you will get a WARNING :D you do it again say if you passed cash all your cash stolen on your stats will go to 0! if you passed hoes all hoes stolen on your stats will go to 0! IF you do it 3 TIMES same rule as 2 but all your items get RESET.
  • After completing the form below you will receive an email message that contains your login, password and activation code .
  • Harassment of any kind towards staff of this game will not be tolerated we will mute you :P that means you can't go to console or forums or chat!
  • If you FIND a bug and message me telling me about the bug depends how bad the bug is you will get free turns if the bug is really harmful to the game you will get more turns for how bad the bug is. That is about all the rules for now we may add more

If you got a bad email the stuff might not get send just message me at and i will email it to you personally :D 
Enter in your valid email address. Your login information will be sent here.

Enter email again:
Enter in the name for your pimp character. Enter in a name between 3 and 24 characters long. Names with invalid characters will not be allowed. Letters and numbers are the only valid characters. Spaces are not valid.

Pimp Name:
Enter Password:
Re-Enter Password:
Good Luck!

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